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I’m Maaike Wijnands, a fine artist and illustrator based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I graduated at the Willem de Kooning Academy and started my professional career as a graphic designer. In my own studio I designed many projects mainly for (non)governmental organisations. And I still do. In the meantime I kept my love for fine arts.

I want to entertain people with my work. My collages are cheerful, quirky. Some works are purely aesthetic, others suggest that they can do something. My machines, for example, raise questions. What is happening? How does it work? Does it function? No it doesn’t function. I am fascinated by mechanisms and movement. Wheels, cables, gears and pipes, I create my own world with them. A nonsensical solution for a non-existent problem, or a process that goes wrong. I get my pleasure from that.

I get my inspiration from everywhere: a word I pick up, a problem I run into in my daily environment, and the works of Tinguely and Calder. But sometimes a work also arises spontaneously. Then I see an object in a piece of paper.





I mainly make collages. For this I use clipped up old paintings of my own or I make paper in a specific color or with a spontaneous structure with paint and ink. Those pieces are the foundation.

In addition, I make the recognizable parts by means of monotype. I roll block ink on a glass plate, put paper on it and draw the parts on the back so that the ink is transferred. This produces rough lines and an oldified appearance.

My lines are made with ink or graphite. They are carefully cut and pasted on.

If you are interested in one of my works, please contact me. Collages are too fragile to be sent by post. I therefore only deliver the collages framed.